I've fallen inlove...

With MAXI dresses.
I haven't told you guys but I've actually bought a MAXI dress, from H&M last time I visited the mall. I tried on the black and white striped one I had in my cart at the H&M online shop, but it didn't fit me well, it fit, but I looked retarded, you know the material falls awkwardly on your hips and tummy. So I canceled that order and found another black long sleeve one in the store, with a zipper in the back, and they had tiny shoulder pads, similar to the ASOS curve one, it is SO SO SO nice, can't wait to show you all.
So now I'm totally in love with the pretty and comfy MAXI dresses and I'm loving all these above. (esp. the flowery one!! (*^_^*))

I'm seriously considering placing an order as soon as possible, I've waited too long! :D


Nefertiti said…
j aimebcp la derniere mais en noir plus surement ;O)
Ulrika said…
Love maxidresses but I´m so short I´d probably just trip over constantly..:) but these are lovely! xxx
OB said…
omg ME TOO!! ugh they are so lovely I love the 1st one!!
Gazel M. said…
I love maxi dresses! Especially the ASOS curve floral one. So dreamy! Haha. I'm kind of short so I can't pull it off... I have a Maxi dress that's waiting to be worn in my closet.

Stiletto Siren said…
How tall are you lady? I need to toughen up and give the maxi dresses a try, they are so fab, but i'm 5'4 and it stresses me out!


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