Girl crush

I love these pictures of Tara Lynn for Elle France!

I have a huge girl crush on Tara, seriously, she's just drop dead gorgeous.
and what I like the most is that she's modeling like a "Supermodel" in this shoot, I want to see more of this in more magazines (!) like Elle, Vogue, Harper's bazaar, Cosmopolitan, etc etc, where you usually don't.
These are my favorites photos from the Elle March issue. (I know I'm a bit late on this...:P)
Do you have a favorite plus-size model that inspires you?


OB said…
she is beautiful!!! <3
Gazel M. said…
She's gorgeous wowowo.
BBM said…
ashley graham truly is my inspiration ... love her and love this post! pls. check out my giveaway hun:

Lodimat said…
OMG I wish.... :D

she's so beautiful!

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