Dress nr. 8

a sea of people.

Wore my new shoes for the first time, and my feet are hurting so much after that! fuck! I love these shoes, but they killed my feet. But I will fight for these shoes, they ARE gonna be my favorite summer shoes! I'll soften them up.
Well, so I went to the park with a friend, and this is what we saw, just a sea of people, it's like this every single year, it's crazy as you can see. A BIG party. You can't find anyone nor call each other or text, cause everyone is using their phones at the same spot. When you finally get in touch and find each other it's like "FIIIINAAALLLY, YAAAAAY!!! happiest day of my life" hehe, kind of, you just get SO happy it's simple.
Anyway, the weather was great and so the company. :)


OB said…
why are you so amazing!!?? We have to meet, you are just too cute for words, I adore you! And yes this project is my JOY at the moment!
Stiletto Siren said…
LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I featured this look as one of my best looks of the week on http://mylipstickonhercollar.com

Get it girl!
Gabi said…
You look fab! Love this shade of purpleish blue:) Aghh..new shoes are killer but the moe you use them the better the fit gets. Hope you have a great time!
Sarah Whitney said…
That blue dress is so pretty! I love the color. Btw, this 2 dresses thing you're doing is so cool :)
vc said…
Sassy & Sexy love the dress with the lace leggings, very cute & love the sandals! hate when you buy new shoes and love them but the don't love you back and make your feet hurt! BOO!
you look great!
Em said…
This is such a great look. I agree with Cid and am loving the leggings with the dress... as for the shoes, have you tried wearing them around home with a light pair of cotton socks underneath? I know that is so "grandma's remedies" of me to suggest - but I swear by that technique! x.
kittehinfurs said…
love this!! the dress is beautiful and the tights just make it perfect.
oh, and i gave your blog an award here :)

Kristel Knows said…
LaLa: YES! we sure have to meet some day! that would be awesome giiirl! :D thanks.


Forays: thanks doll :D

Thanks everyone for your sweet comments, I'm feeling all mushy and happy. *tight hugs!

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