All the clothes I've ordered fit well, I'm happy!
Including the harem pants, so happy about that, was afraid I picked the wrong size.
What do you think?
I just put them on to show you, with a simple black top, no make-up or accessories, but whatever :) just a pair of heels. With the right combination, make-up and accessories I think these pants can be a real hit!

Now, off to work!


Lodimat said…
Like I said before: the light colored ones will look freakin hot on you! :D

totally love it! great pick! :D
the EyeZuh said…
those pants look great on you! what a perfect color choice :)
Glam Girl said…
I love those harem pants! Looks great your outfit
jack bespoke said…
i like that work outfit!

(a new blog!)
Weesha said…
you look awesome hun, love the pants!
Sarah Whitney said…
You rock those! What great luck that something you didn't get to try on fit so well!
Savefors said…
Okay, the cats are amazingly comfortable.
Moved away from home for little more than half a year ago and then I bought me a little cat =)
i just bought a pair of harem pants!
BBM said…
Kristel Knows said…
Omg thank you so much everyone! You all make me so so happy. (*^_^*)
Nina said…
The pants look great on you!!!

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