Copy cats

Left: Skopunkten 349 SEK. Right: Oasis € 56.

My latest shoe shopping was this strappy leather-y low wedge sandals to the left. Fell in love with them at first sight! SO pretty aren't they...nice heel, can wear with cute summer dresses or whatever, leggins...anything...I just love them, they looks SO nice on and they are super comfortable! So...looking through a magazine and I saw these shoes to the right from Oasis, first I thought it was the pair that I actually got, but NO, they look exactly the same! I even think the ones I got look better, and Oasis shoes cost like twice as much, isn't that lovely, don't you just LOVE when this sort of thing happens to you?!
Can't wait to wear this sandals out!


vc said…
Very cute! Love them, I have been looking for a pair like that. I am so bad with heels so that size is perfect and so cute! I am on the hunt now!
Sarah Whitney said…
I think they're both super cute! I do hate when that sort of thing happens tho... bummer :(

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