Dress nr. 4

Denim Jacket - ONLY, Black Bollero - ESPIRIT, Colorful and flowery dress - H&M Garden Collection, Black stockings - H&M, Shoes - SKOPUNKTEN, Black loop scarf - H&M

My outfit today doesn't feel that fabulous, nothing extravagance about it. Thought, haven't wore this dress yet, one of my first bought pieces at H&M's Garden Collection, the price for it is kick ass, 99 SEK. It kind of spiced up the casual comfy outfit for the day. Today has been a chillaxing day, had a long sleep...against my will, you know when you wake up at like 11 am and you think...just ONE more minute, you totally pass out and you sleep like a baby and then later wake up and it's all of a sudden 3 pm!! and it only felt like you slept for....A MINUTE!? *sigh*
But, you gotta love that sleep, well needed.
Been having dinner with a friend today and hung out there for a while, had a really nice time, totally cozy with dinner and all, kick ass! Another delicious chicken recipe added to my list, Check!

Hope you all have had a great day.

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Stiletto Siren said…
I love this dress! So bright and chic, too cute!
Katrin said…
Even it you don't think its fab, I love how you put this together, denim and bright colors is a great mix and I like the shoes with it :D
Gazel M. said…
I love this dress! I bought one on eBay too. How much is 99 Swedish dollars in Canadian dollars?
Kristel Knows said…
I think it's about 13,28 CAD.
One USD OR CAD is about 7,50 Swedish Kroner. So if I would have bought this dress at H&M in the US I think i would have gotten it a bit cheaper since the Swedish krona is worth more. I think this garden collection dress cost about 10 USD in the US, correct me if I'm wrong :D
what a great challenge!
Sarah said…
wow, 3pm?!!?? I was all impressed with myself that I made it till 2pm on Saturday. I'm seriously in awe. lol. Love today's dress. $13? wow, so going to look for it. Not sure If I'm going to make it to 27 dresses as is. I'll throw in some skirts if I need to, but trying to stick with dresses, so may need to acquire a few more. drat, you know I hate shopping.
CurvyGirlChic said…
eeek! I have this dress too! <333 it'snt it ridiculously comfortable?! I'm totally in lvoe with this challenge as well--I certainly have the dresses for it! hahaha can't bring myself to only wear dresses though--i love jeans too much! lol

you go girl! <3

xo Allison of CurvyGirlChic
Nefertiti said…
rhooo J aime bcp OO !
Maria said…
I need your bank account number darling :)
Puss beautiful.
OB said…
<333 what do you mean it's extremely fabulous!! I love it I love how you rock those shoes with it you made it work, your good lol lOVE it and thanks for spreading the love heehee <3
Kristel Knows said…
Thank you so much everyone!! Your sweet comments make me SO happy! Lots of love!!

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