Dress nr. 6

White dress - NELLY Serious Sally (new), Black Cardi - NELLY Only (new), Denim Jacket - ONLY, Lace Leggings - H&M, White tennis shoes - SKOPUNKTEN, Earrings - INDISKA

Haven't worn all white in a long time, me and Jay went out for take away Pizza. Yuuum! at a local Pizza join. Pictures taken around the area.

This day feels short already, woke up a bit late, but really needed the sleep, and soon I have to go to work, but it doesn't feel like a working day, maybe because I've been off work for 3 days. Hope I'll have time to take and post pictures for the challenge now when I'm starting an "8 days straight working - challenge" you could say, I'm scheduled to work 8 days straight at my job. I'm not that excited, BUT hard work earns good money right? I was supposed to be off Friday but then it's the last of April, big thing here in Sweden, called "Valborg" google it, lots of things going on that day, it's like a big city fest! bonfires and lots of drunk people, mostly students, roaming the city. :P Having a blast I guess. I'm planing (if the weather allows it) to chill out in the park with friends, eat strawberries and drink champagne, and then later at night I HAVE to work. so... I'm just gonna gather all the energy I got and work it!
Do you celebrate the last of April? (just curious.)


Gazel M. said…
It's not really different for me if I celebrate April or not. But you look gorgeous. The leggings and dress, wow! :) You rockin it girl.
Sarah said…
OMG, the leggings are great!
I've never worn white much, lol, too much of a slob. I'd spill coffee or something on it for sure. Looks great on you though.
I've never really celebrated the end of April, but strawberries, bonfires and drinking sound fun, maybe I should.
OB said…
I don't but I should!! .. hmmm ideas?

I love love love that dress women, you look fabulous! <3
the EyeZuh said…
i do, only because my birthday is TOMORROW :D

looking good in the all white!

- Iza
Ulrika said…
Love this look, the leggings look great, Im working friday so missing out on valborg as well, buhuu, so you´re not alone! :) xxx
L & V said…
Love the white and the lace. so pretty. :)
Zatine said…
Vi får fira på jobbet ^^ Jag jobbar natt den dagen.
Lodimat said…

sexiest leggings EVER!
Stiletto Siren said…
Those leggings are hot! Love this look!
BBM said…
ooOoOOo girllll ... u seriously rock leggings like no other! WORK. IT. ;-)

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