I'm a doll? aw, thanks.

Thank you so much Stephanie/http://buttonsbowsandbrogues.blogspot.com/ for giving me this cute award, me? a doll? Naaah ;)

1) Thank and link the person who gave you the award.
2) Pass this award onto fabulous bloggers of your choice.
3) Contact said blogs and let them know they've won.
4) Re-post and state 10 things about yourself.

Will be passing it on to some pretty new followers of mine (love), and to some I've recently started to follow, you're all dolls!!

10 things about myself. (this is gonna be hard)
1. I work 2 jobs. I'm a busy chick ;)
2. One of my jobs are Restaurant manager/trainee at Hamburger joint. Flippin' burgers is what I do...and many other fun things.
3. My Mother is from Philippines and my Dad is Swedish.
4. I have one younger brother and sister which I adore to death, they are both so beautiful and skinny it makes me jealous. lol. :P jk.
5. I love to travel and have been fortunate enough to traveled a lot with fam. and such, one of my favorite places to visit has been JAPAN and HONGKONG.
6. I suck at, and hate Math.
7. I feel that I'm a more creative person, I love to illustrate and design, of course lately I've been bad at finding time for it, so you could say I'm atm being creative through my blog. Lovin' it.
8. My dream job is to work with fashion/graphic design/interior/events etc. of course I need more education, and I can't wait for that.
9. In my younger years I danced Jazz dance for 6 years and street dance for 2 years, Love it and miss it a lot at time. (I was still curvy then but more fit, damn.) Imagine me watching Americas best dance crew on MTV, I go bananas.
10. Very often I get a bad conscious for no real reason, sometimes I think I care too much for my own good, cause I beat myself down for things I think are my fault when it's not.


Gazel M. said…
Aw, you're half Filipina too? Suhweeet!
Thanks for the award. xo
Sarah said…
Aww, thanks so much, you made my day!
I just checked out some of your illustrations, they're really good.

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