I'm too old for this...

The two Jennifer's
So, it was time to have a staff meeting with work yesterday, it was a long one but it ended with a great dinner with red whine. Many was ready and done for a night out, I had dresses up a bit, but I tried to be more casual chick then too PARTY! simple deep blur top, with a colorful skirt with some silver accessories and black boots with a heel. After the dinner and all the group decided to walk from the hotel to the city, I quickly got way behind, no body really cared if my feet would die, I understand, however Sandra was a doll and we changed shoes, so I could wear her flat boots. What a doll!
A heavy girl can't walk on a heel for 15-20 minutes straight. I'm not trained. lol.
Both Sandra and Jennifer gave me sweet compliments about my blog, didn't know they followed it ever day, I was so flattered, still am and very happy, thanks girls!
Had some Irish coffees at a Irish bar, and then the group wanted to dance, so we went to a close by club called VIP. And...when well being inside...I realized, I'm too old for this. I'm soon 23...it was only 18-19 year old people there, I understand that but...it was not really my place, but, I paid 120 SEK to get it so DAMN I was gonna make it worth it though, fucking robbery. So we danced to pumping music, by the blinking lights, the passed kind of caught up with me, my former party girl self. It was fun, I love to dance, and esp. with friends.
But there were too many drunk people out, people dropping their drinks on the floor, the floor was sticky as hell and glass shatter was everywhere, I put my bag in the middle of our "dancing circle" to protect it, BUT OF COURSE THE DRUNK LITTLE GIRLS HAVE TO BARGE IN AND PASS THROUGH US AND FALL/STEP/DESTROY my bag. GRRR...I was like holding people by their arms to lead them to the side instead or shouting "WATCH OUT!!!" Jesus...I'm so too old for this clubbing shit...where's the bar? or...the private party with a killer DJ? Oh well...I did have lots of fun!!
Then I had to rush home, also realized how much I love Jason cause I know he hates clubs and he didn't give me a hard time about me being at one, and I'm not a bad girl, I love my BF, and when dancing I'm happy I do when I see sweaty and sloppy guys around me hunting for meat.

Now I have to get dressed and pick up my car at work.
Have a great day everyone!


Nina said…
I totally know what you mean, the past weekend out went out with some of my friends to a 18 and over club for my friends fundraiser and i was totally reminded why i do not go to 18 and over clubs. But i have to agree i love dancing with my friends to great music, it's always fun!

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