Kick ass sale!

Tie Dye Contrast Dress Rare Fashion 129 SEK, Nelly Accessories 25 SEK, Merri Long Singlet, Serious Sally by Rut m.fl. 79 SEK

Clara Cardigan Only 225 SEK, Belt Studs Nelly Accessories 75 SEK, Victoria Dress Top Serious Sally by Rut m.fl. 99 SEK are having a pretty huge sale, only open for members at the moment, I kind of panic when I realized that I hadn't gotten the "code" to enter the sale because my old e-mail was entered to my profile. (Damn you hotmail!) BUT, after a quick message to the customer service, I got the code...and now I'm browsing, trying to find the MUST HAVES for cheap prizes.
I really like the leopard pattern dress, cute and cheap, everyday and going-out dress. Also really like the black cardigan, also an everyday item, to just throw on, cozy and nice with jeans and simple tank top. I don't know, I really don't need to shop to be honest but these prices make me nuts, it's just too good. GAH!
What is a must have clothing item?
(a black cardi does feel like something I should get/have, don't have anyone I like or wear...or none at all, not sure.)


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