Killing me softly

Great fashion accessory. :P
Oh god, so I was home yesterday remember, and...MY CAT! my cat...I saw my cat. He's usually out running the woods hunting birds and mice when I'm there. You know when you see something SO adorable you just can't hold yourself and you just want to jump the animal and squeeze, pet and kiss it!? and be like all mommy-like, and/or you put on this cute baby voice? eh, that's me. I love my cat...I've raised him, and now he's all big and fluffy, and he loves being pet on the stomach...feels like I kind of thought him to love being pet and held. Cause some cats hate that. He's that kind of cat that will come up to you when you're sleeping and put his head really close to yours and purr all cute, or put his paw on your face all gently to wake you up.*geek* okay enough about my cat and my silliness.

Ehm, you're killing me Trisse, you're killing me with that face, miss you.

He's like..."What the fuck do you want?!" Love how cats look like that sometimes, but he will always love the cuddling.


the EyeZuh said…
aww u have such an adorable cat... i actually don't really like cats (and not just because im allergic lolz)... but yours seems very pleasant and friendly :)
Sarah Whitney said…
Oh my gosh! What a cutie pie! I'm suck a cat lady haha.
audrey said…
your cat is very cute !

(I love all cat :D...)

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