Ring fever!

Oh my god!
I love browsing around Forever21's website, I always always always find something I like and want badly, and I just can't wait to sometime soon be able to visit an actual store, hopefully in the summer. But I can't wait, as you know...My favorite accessory at the moment are RINGS!!!
I want them big, bold and beautiful.
and I wish I could own all of these bellow from Forever21. *rolleyes*

they are all so prettey!

What are your favorite accessory?


Sarah said…
OOh love them all! I was at a Forever 21 recently, but the store was closing in 5 mins, so I only had time to make a mad dash for stockings. Barely got a chance to look a the jewelery :(
(The stores about 45 mins away and I don't drive, so don't get to make it all that often)
My favourite accessories are necklaces. I love all of them, but necklaces are my absolute fave.
Nefertiti said…
je suis fan de grosses bagues,je les achete sur ebay genre ceux la


sur Torrid


ou sur elioka


Maria said…
Bracelet definitly!!
Älskar armband :)
the EyeZuh said…
oh Jennifer you know i love me a crazy cocktail ring! lolz these are all gorgeous! u just gave me a good idea for a give-away :) cuz i hear so many over seas chicks wishing they could have f21 so hmmmm we'll see ;)

- Iza
Kristel Knows said…
Iza: that would be awesome if you did! :D
Unknown said…
These all Rings jewelry designs are very beautiful. These are very unique.

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