To spend or save?

Been browsing around the net looking for this kind of shoe now, since I can't buy the ones from Forever21, I needed to find other options. I like these ones, with laces and a heel, not too high to make your soles sore right away.
Which ones would you have picked out of these two?
They are almost identical but the price differs, save or spend?

Left: Wildflower Sandalett at Ellos for 549 SEK. Right: Sandalett at Skopunkten for 349 SEK.

However, if I buy the ones at Skopunkten I'll be tempted to buy another pair or two cause you get the third pair for free or second pair half off.!.... GAH!!! :P


Weesha said…
Spend! the first ones look like they're of a better quality for some season and shoes are supposed to be an investment :) it sucks when a cute shoe breaks because it's not so great quality wise
StephanieDJL said…
On this one I say spend! The first pair look cuter/better quality than the ones on the right. I want a pair!
Kristel Knows said…
Yeah, true true true...but I'm gonna go by the store and see if the cheap shoes look better in store then on picture...we'll see...and try it on and stuff...
I really do like the pricey ones, they look of better quality like you say. :)

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