These kind of shoe might have never before been a favorite, but right now I'm really liking these, (Got a bit inspired by Mischa Barton today when browsing around her pictures) yet again, another reason to why I wish we had Forever21 here in Sweden, however...still, kind of liking it that we don't cause everyone would go crazy if they would have opened one here and EVERYONE would walk around in Forever12 clothes and it would so RUIN the kind of status that it has. "OH, it's from Forever21?! Have you been to US?" "Oh yeah baby."
Anyway, I can image these shoes look real cool on, maybe not your cup of tea but I feel these are kick ass and kind of unique, at least I don't see many Swedes strutting around in these kind of shoes. SO, I'd love to work these kind of shoes this Spring/Summer.

Awesome or not?

shoes are from Forever21


the EyeZuh said…
totally awesome! i totally intend to get those ones on the far left :) they're my favorite!
vc said…
I tried on the middle shoes and they looked really cute. Sadly F21 only makes the shoes in whole size & I'm a 8.5. The 8 was tight & the 9 is big :(
I have never been able to buy forever 21 shoes for that reason.
Anonymous said…
Hahaha you're so cute! Yes, look awesome! I would love to own the one on the right
Unknown said…
I love the first two pair! I can't wear shoes from F21 cause I wear an 11 :( ahh well, I can look though!

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