Sweet & Edgy

Googled Edgy rings and found this image.
I wouldn't mind owning this collection of rings, like lately...I don't know why but I just want to wear lots of cool rings, maybe inspired by celebs/other bloggers? I don't know...but not just any rings, unique, edgy, sweet, bold, vintage, etc.
I SO want to make a trip to my favorite secondhand store and see if they got something in, but...I shouldn't shop...I'm on a ban...DAMN IT! but what if I find something really nice...something perfect....? *sigh* if it's cheap...? Hmmm... :) that would be ok? maybe...

Anyone out there that shares the same desire?


BBM said…
yes please, ill take one of each.
the EyeZuh said…
girl you and me are on the exact same page! i am so obsessed with giant/unique/crazy rings right now! as u can see lolz... i mean... if its cheap... it shouldn't be so bad... right? hahaha im the exact same way

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