Take a look at my bag crap

Since CurvyGirlChic is so curious of what I carry around in my bag ;P here's a look into my life. The bag changes from time to time, so does the wallet, and whatever crap that is in the baggie (like 3 million different lipglosses/lipbalms...THAT I like never use. haha!) I usually go for bigger bags, cause I as well, love to carry around lots of stuff in it, crossbody handbags are the ones I go for. *tumbs up*

iPhone (flashy flashy, only mine for a while(*^_^*)) 3 million different lipglosses and lipbalms, the only one I use really is the Elizabeth Arden one, KICK ASS! Napkins, always good to have incase of an emergency, pop a squat you know...just kidding. Organizer from Barns and noble, needs to be used more. My glasses are vital, or I'll go squinting all day. Wallet with 3 million different membership/club cards in it, I'm seriously a collector, don't know why. Two coupon books, good for eating out. An ADORABLE handkerchief from Japan, it's too cute and I don't think I can ever wipe my sweaty forehead with it, or whatever it's good for...I just carry it around anyway. Also, Filipino pride keychain from Davao.


CurvyGirlChic said…
hehehehe yayyyyyy! :D

girrrl, is that a lighter?? :P BAD JENNIFER. lol!
Kristel Knows said…
Yeeees, also...incase of emergency. :P hehe.
the EyeZuh said…
aw my Dad was born in Davao :) i can't wait to share wuts in my bag lolz it really is super interesting to stick ur nose in sumthing that sumone carries around every day of their lives! btw check out the blog award i just gave you! <3

- Iza
Gazel M. said…
I second Allison's statement. A lighter?! Jeez girl. Hahah. I should totally do a bag post. :|
Unknown said…
In all these stuff my favorite is Channel Wallet.

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