10 favorite things...

inspired by LaLa (luv her blog, must visit!)

1. Favorite hobby?

Atm, blogging.

2. Favorite tv show?

Criminal minds, Supernatural and Ugly betty.

3. Favorite restaurant food?


4. Favorite thing to shop for?

Clothes, shoes, bags and vintage stuff.

5. Favorite animal?


6. Favorite song?

"The show must go on" classic, always gives me the chills. (in a good way.)

7. Favorite word?

The love will never die....

8. Recent favorite youtube video?

"My puss, is keepin' it real
Your puss, invented the wheel"

Not recent, but hell it's funny.

9. Favorite movie?

"In telling the story of my father's life, it's impossible to separate fact from fiction, the man from the myth. The best I can do is to tell it the way he told me. It doesn't always make sense and most of it never happened... but that's what kind of story this is."
I got so many fav. movies, I'm a huge movie lover, but If I have to pick one..I'll pick this one.

10. Favorite childhood memory?

Drawing basically all the time :) had a big collection of drawings I'd made.


Anonymous said…
big fish always makes it into my favorite movies list too... and that picture is one of my favorite scenes!
StephanieDJL said…
I love this! It gives some lovely insight about you and what's not to love about a post of pretty pictures!? :D I may give it a go
Mode Junkie said…
I LOVE BIG FISH TOO! ;) great post babe!

the EyeZuh said…
yay glad u did it too! :) everyone should!
Em said…
What a BEAUTIFUL post. REALLY, REALLY LOVELY. Thank you for sharing it! x.
Anonymous said…
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_M0XYDs9J0E kolla in asap :)
Lodimat said…
now that I read your blog entry, I wanna eat some sushi... RIGHT NOW!

Weesha said…
oh wow we have so much in common! 7 things off this list to be exact hehe, awesome post!
Sarah Whitney said…
This was a really cute post! Love is my favorite word also, can't go wrong with it ;) And I love kittys as well <3
Anonymous said…
I don't know if I submitted my previous comment but just to make sure here it goes again: I LOVE SUPERNATURAL!!!!!!!!
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks everyone! :) cool to know we got some in common ;)
I totally love Supernatural, watching through the season as I write, hehe, on 4th season now, OMG!!! It's so good!

and, yes, Big fish is SUCH an amazing movie, glad you guys like it too.
Franceta said…
Inspired by you to do one! :)
I will DEFF link you back, love big fish, its one of those movies only artistic souls can love!

- Franceta ;)
OB said…
so glad you did this! I love it! <333

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