Blog awards and 10 new facts

Thank you Maddii, LaCara and Jennifer ann. for giving me these awards!! *hugz*
I know I've gotten the Sugar Doll award before but what the heck, I'll post 10 new facts about myself.

Thank you again sweethearts.
- Thank the person/s that gave you the award.
- Pass it on to blogs of your choice.
- For Sugar doll award, post 10 facts about yourself.

Passing this on to 3 blog I've started reading recently.

1. This song can make me cry...

2. I'm turning 23 years old this summer, I feel like an old lady already.
3. Right now I'm living in Sweden but my big dream is to live in the US with my boyfriend Jay.
4. I often have a hard time to say NO to friends. (cause I'm too nice.)
5. Thinks sizes are fucked up, went to try clothes at MANGO...*sigh* forget about it.
6. I've studied at the university, English A for one semester, if I hadn't had done that, I wouldn't be writing this blog in English. Learned a lot.
7. I can listen to everything from System of a Down to Josh Groban. Love Music, that is unique, has a melody, is beautiful, that has a great beat, and well thought lyrics. Anything of that and I'm listening to it.
8. I love shopping at secondhand stores, if you're lucky you'll find treasures and I love that.
Just bought these vintage DON DONNA shoes online, remember when that was in trend? those tiny circle mirrors. lol.

9. I want to see the world before I die, one place that I've been dying to go to is Singapore!
10. I love coffee, I drink it everyday when i wake up


Gazel M. said…
I wann go to Singapore too!
L said…
I wanna see the world too, I really wanna see Thailand! And I adore those shoes! <3
Mode Junkie said…
congrats on your blog awards! ;) love the loafers!

OB said…
yay congrats!! <33
YAAAAAY! thanks Jennifer for the blog award!!! :))) xoxoxo! I am in love with the vintage DON DONNAs!! Can't wait to see how you wear them!

Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista

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