Dress nr. 9

pitty this face :P

oh my gosh, lol, just noticed you can see the BIG ass hole under my arm on my denim jacket.
Oh god, I'm so drained. So tired after last nights working shift, it was unbelievable stressful and exhausting. So today, I feel so out of energy and uninspired, hehe, so...I just threw something on, I thought Denim on Denim, hehe, buuuuuut....I don't really know if I made this work, whatever...I feel like a hobo anyway today, and I have about 5 small blisters on each foot, so can't wear any fancy shoes besides these clumsy boots. I KNOOOOOW! I'm so sorry I'm so negative and all "pitty me, pitty me" Ah...sorry, I just want it to be Wednesday, cause then I'm off work.
A guy in the line last night was the only person that whole night that seemed to notice we were working our butts of and ask me, if I was OK....I almost wanted to cry and hug him. haha.
Hope you all have a splendid Saturday!!!


the EyeZuh said…
i love the denim dress! so cute! :)
Lodimat said…
I love your casual looks! :D love it with the "clumsy" boos! haha
Anonymous said…
I actually think it's kind of cool to wear stuff with holes! I'm loving this 27 dresses thing!
Mode Junkie said…
kudos on your 9th dress babe! i think i won´t survive even though i love dresses that much. and lol on the hole!

Gazel M. said…
I love this. Haha! <3 You're so prettyfull.
Kristel Knows said…
(*^_^*) thank you all! *hugs*

Yeah, I've accepted the hole now, lol, I love this denim jacket too much to throw it away/aside. :)
L said…
You look great! I really love this outfit, and you are so pretty :D
OB said…
lmao how did I miss this one hahaha classic I love it! glad I'm not the only one dying to try something new in photos haha love it!

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