Sneak peak!

Just found these pictures online, it's the very first pictures of H&M's....AUTUMN!? :D Collection.
wow, I'm totally loving this.
Their collection really reminds you of for example, Burberry Prorsum, ChloƩ och Missoni. GOOD JOB H&M!


Sarah said…
I'm actually not loving it myself. I'm not a fan of oversized and slouchy. It actually doesn't look bad on the models so much, but it's not anything I'd wear myself.
Unknown said…
I'm on the fence. I'd have to see the pieces in person.
Gazel M. said…
I love this so much!
Stiletto Siren said…
Need to see the pieces on some girls with some meat on them! But I see potential!
Jules said…
I just found your blog and I NEED to stop looking at it!! Its making me want to shop! For real I love your style. I like how you mix things together for a casual sexy feel... totally my thing.

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