Dress nr. 25 & 26

1. Long top from H&M garden collection. 2. Dress from Nelly.com, blazer - second hand, heart stockings - LINDEX.

Day 25 and 26, day before departure and arrival day in London,
plus some photos from the first day, I'm gonna have to post dress nr. 27 later cause I gotta run to work! Had more pictures from the trip then I thought, it took quite some time to post these, Anyhow, enjoy!!


Fancy dinner and delicious waffles!

middle: at Carnaby street + piccadilly circus

Regent street & piccadilly circus

KFC!!!!!!! and would you look at that...a Pinoy Supermarket! :D

...and a Manila supermarket just across the road!


Gazel M. said…
Haha, looks like you had fun!
And you looked cute while doing so. :p
Unknown said…
OMG love how you styled the dress from Nelly.com!!! *sigh* I need a vacation after seeing your pics! Looks like a damn good time.
L said…
I love both outfits, but the 2nd dress you totally killed it! You look amazing! Glad you had a good time sweetie :D

Ohmanitslisa said…
Outfit number two definitely steals my attention. You look great! I love it.
Weesha said…
Ok, this has to be my favourite post ever- the pictures are fantastic! Looks like you had a killer time :) Outfit no.1 is super cute (those leggings!!) and outfit no.2 is hubba hubba hotness <3
Unknown said…
Great pics!! I want to go back to London! You look really cute!!
Sarah said…
You look great, glad you had a good time. I'd love to visit London one day. Love day #26, that blazer looks smashing on you!
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks everyone, you're too sweet. First outfit was my travel outfit, very comfy and casual but the second...I gave it some thought, happy you all like it so much!! :D Yes, if you haven't been to London you got to go visit the city! :) <3
OB said…
girl I am dying over here, these pictures are so great!!!!

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