I'm feeling like the luckiest girl ever right now. (*^_^*)
When signing online to H&M's website 5 am in the morning, some people must have done some returns on their purchases, CRAZY PEOPLE!! Dont you feel me? :) I love this tunic and dress, how can you return it? it's been sold out for a week now, and got sold out with in the minute. *sigh* well, I got my hands on them! hihihihihihihihihihi....and they only had size 14 left (btw, biggest size, boo for that!) I'm like HELL YEAH! Happy to be a big girl!
Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday!


Anonymous said…
That tunic is really great!
I'm happy you got them both!
Unknown said…
Ooh :) I´m looking forward to seeing how you style these! I´m guessing you´ll be doing a follow up OOTD post in these, right? I hope so! :)


Rebequita Rose xxx
Ontheqtrain said…
I can fit in mostly tops in H&M but dresses, pants, and even skirts, don't work for me. I love the denim dress, its so cute. I pray that H&M makes a plus size line, because their clothes are fab!!!!
Kristel Knows said…
H&M have a plus size line, BIB, but it doesn't really cut it for me, wish they would do ALL amazing clothes in bigger sizes, bigger then size 14, I want to see sizes up to 20 or more!!! :) right?

Yeah, im super excited, I'll def. do a OOTD.
Sarah Whitney said…
Hell yeah to some AWESOME finds! Love em both but that blue dress is SERIOUSLY amazing!

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