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About Tara Lynn: "What’s intriguing about her body shape is that, while she might count as overweight on any Body Mass Index, I would not describe her as fat. She has wide hips – but she also has a waist. Afterwards, I realise this is because she also looks comfortable in her own skin. What does she think of her body? “I would like to say that I like my body as much as I ever did,” she says. “But all the publicity has made it easier. I’m being celebrated now.”"
Thoughts? :)


Sarah said…
wow, they're both so beautiful. It's so inspiring to look at them. Thanks for posting this.
Sarai said…
They are gorgeous.

I have stated in one of my blogs that the problem is People have gotten 'conditioned' to feel the way they do and once did. It is easy to be influenced by the new wave of things because it's fresh, and that's okay in some sense. Over the years every since your 'Twiggy's', 'Penelope Trees', 'Diana Rosses', Kate Mosses', and their ascendants things got warped along the lines. A little unrealistic and alarming but, because it is fashion and or the glamourized pretentious Celebstrosity, it then became normal despite the risk factor that came with the notary seal on it.

We forgot what tangible beauty looked like. Regardless of how you feel about it, thats reality and it needs to be embraced. I am glad these women are strong enough to do what they do and glorify 90% of us. Kudos for this post<3
Weesha said…
massive girl crush on tara lynn <3
OB said…
i love it!! <3

and btw you need a button!! so I can link you under sister on my blogs <3 love you

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