Dress nr. 11

Wish I could be more creative, on Wednesday I'm off work and I've gotten two new Maxi dresses that I want to show so...as soon as I'm not too occupied with work i promise more inspiring and creative outfit posts in this 27 dresses challenge.
Here comes a dress from H&M, bought on SALE a while ago, never worn, love the fabric and the fit, super comfy, like a big soft sock! (?) Gotta run!


Sarah said…
lol, I like your sock. Looks great on you and looks very comfy
L said…
You have a great figure, and I think this dress shows it off, while being comfortable. I like it :)
Unknown said…
I love your style, check out the blog award I gave you (:

the EyeZuh said…
aw that dress looks great on you! hahahaha @big soft sock! man now i want one :P

- Iza
Gazel M. said…
So cute! I think this could've been more "creative" if you added a belt and a leather bomber. But I like it the way it is.

Killer figure, btw. ;)
CurvyGirlChic said…
hehe--cute! :D looks comfy--perfect for work! :D

xo Allison
Stiletto Siren said…
Rock that sock hun! Get it girl
Cute dress AND cute blog!! :)

OB said…
hey girl hey I love it, your pictures are always so cute!! <3 I love this and I'm loving the new layout, so cute!
Ohmanitslisa said…
Just found your blog today, and I'm SO GLAD that I did! I'm obsessed with your style. Win win win. I am definitely following.
<3 lisa
Eve Gore said…
hi baby!
this is my first time on your blog.. and i love it so much, so im following your blog,
would you check out mine and follow me back?

kisss :*

Weesha said…
you have fabulous curves hun and this dress accentuates them perfectly!!

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