Dress nr. 14

Black suede biker jacket - CUBUS, Dress - FOREVER21, Striped stockings - LINDEX, Booties - SKOPUNKTEN.

Bought these amazing stockings yesterday, I just had to show them right away!
and then I found this old dress that I also bought in the US last year from forever21, fell in love with it's colorfull-ness and patterns. Felt really cool in my outfit today. yay! Ready to kick ass ;)
To All My Girls:

Lets dance!


the EyeZuh said…
omgosh i love this dresssss!!!!!! u look wonderful hun! and it looks even better with those tights! woweeeeh! :P

- Iza
Gazel M. said…
Wow, you so hawt bby. I literally said "wow" out loud. The stockings, the dress, the suede jacket.. your hairstyle! Very well done.

OB said…
you are amazing this outfit ROCKS!!!!! I LOVE IT!!!
L said…
Woooowww! You are such a hottie! You look like a model! I love the outfit, awesome job!

Weesha said…
omg seriously amazing! I love everything about this outfit- the dress, the tights, even the pony tail! Perfection!
L & V said…
WOW. the outfit looks great!!
Stiletto Siren said…
You look amazing! That dress is interesting and FABULOUS and the tights give it such a great edge! Work it diva!

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