Dress nr. 15

I think everyone are feeling a bit buzzed right here, and me in my pretty colorful make up.

Tequila Queen and Johan and Rhia (he always has to do a face.)

Rhianwen, Me and Angie

lol, that is a fake laugh, but it turned out pretty good, lol.

Me in my Friday Dress. Old from my boyfriend's mother's closet.

Last night was a party.
Right after work I hurried over to my friends place and has some wine and tequila (oh lordy), we just stayed at her place all night, which I'm kind of happy about cause I'm not a club-ish kind of gal anymore :P
Had such a good time, it was fun, haven't partied like that in a while, and beautiful Angie did my and Rhia's make up, pretty isn't it?! The dress is nothing special, it's really "Hi, I had to run to work and grabbed whatever was closest to me!" This dress though is my boyfriend's mothers old dress, it was longer before (bellow the knees) but I cut it off a little bit, she gave away a bunch of her old clothes cause she has lost a lot of weight and couldn't wear them anymore, funny how most of them then fit me perfect. I like this dress, it's very casual and comfy and has a nice detail in front. (twisted knot? lol) Today I'm feeling really....*sigh* hungover...and I'm about to cook a massive and delicious chicken dinner, and take this days "27 Dresses" picture, crap, I'm a bit behind, and then run to work.

Hope you all had a wonderful Friday night yesterday!


Gazel M. said…
love the makeup.
Stiletto Siren said…
Looks like a blast, and your friends are as stunning as you are!!

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