Dress nr. 16

Tribal pattern leggings - Ellos 149:-, Red Dress - H&M 99:-, Loop scarf - ICA MAXI 39:-

Wearing a simple red dress from H&M, wore at Christmas eve this year and I can tell that I've def. put on a couple of kilos since *sigh* poor belly is sticking out more the usual. Not sure if I like it...but whatever, I'll deal with it later :) However I love this dress esp. for it's bright color and I decided to go a little nuts and paired them with my tribal pattern leggings. My yesterday dress outfit just felt so boring i felt I needed to compensate. lol.
Time to go to work.


L said…
Now this outfit is fierce! I love the colours and textures...those leggings are fab! <3
Gazel M. said…
What LaCara said, very cute. <33
Sarah said…
Love the leggings!

Stiletto Siren said…
I love those leggings so fab and edgy!
cute patterned tights:)

Elin said…
Nice! :) I love the tights!
OK.. LOVE LOVE the tribal print leggings!!!! They look great with the red dress!

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