Dress nr. 18

Kick ass scull ring
Bought this kick ass, most awesome frikkin' ring ever today at the secondhand shop today, (omg I'm so excited I'm repeating myself without thinking about it.) it's a scull with some nice details, like nothing I've seen before, I'm feeling lucky, like I just found something pretty unique.
Wearing white as you can see, I'll call it my virginity dress, it's new...never worn before and pure white. :P
Wow, can't believe I've gone 18 days wearing dresses everyday, wow...9 more days to go, damn. wish me luck. :) and all the luck to the girls that have joined me in this challenge!


BBM said…
i love this virginity dress! lol! u look amazing love ... this white seriously gives u a glow!
Gazel M. said…
Beautiful as usual my dear!
love the mix of cheetah and lace!
vc said…
wow you have really done a great job with this challenge, love the lace tights and scarf!
Sarah said…
AWESOME stockings!!!
lol, I'm far too much of a slob to wear a virginity dress. lol, not sure what that says about my virginity. Looks great on you though.

Sabina said…
Amazing blog hon!
I wanted to let you know about my big giveaway - check it out, you can win makeup&accessories!!! :))

Anonymous said…
those leggings/tights are amazing!
Good association with the tights, realy trendy.
Stiletto Siren said…
You look great, love the combination of your virgin dress and the skull ring!
Franceta said…
SOOOO cute, definite new follower right here, based on this outfit alone :) That scarf alone makes me happy, love it and you look stunning!

Franceta Johnson
L said…
You amazing! I love the scarf, beautiful outfit sweetie <3
Lodimat said…
this outfit is def NOT CUTE! IT'S HELLA SEXY!

OB said…
I love this, you look amazing!! <3
Kristel Knows said…
(*^_^*) Thank you everyone! you guys make me so happy. you're all too sweet. LOVE!
Luna Lake said…
I love love LOVE the scarf!!!!
And the look is beautiful altogether :)
Anonymous said…
pretty white dress. you look pretty :)

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