Dress nr. 19

Very boring-everyday-on my way to work-hair in a bun-flats-no make-up-don't look at my face- outfit. :P
But the flower pattern sure is positive. Dress from H&M for 49 SEK. Ka-tjing!


Miss Case said…
love that dress and your blog! now following! :) good luck with your challenge! you're rocking it so far!!!
Gabi said…
Love this print! looks super vintage but I love that you put a modern twist with you shoes and leggings :)
OB said…
YES!! My fav print!! <33

I'm glad too! I fell so behind on my reading too :\ I missed you! :)
Sarah said…
This is possibly the best 'boring' look I've ever seen. lol, you couldn't be boring if you tried hun. Love this dress.

Em said…
Yeah, this is the very opposite of boring. x.
Missa inte årets bästa fest i Uppsala ;)

The dress is it from the garden collection ? It look like to the tshirt from the garden
Stiletto Siren said…
Love that dress, clings very nicely and is a great print!
Kristel Knows said…
Thanks everyone, you make me feel all happy and warm inside with all your sweet comments.

LaLa: i've missed you too! <3

Letilor: it's actually not from the garden collection, but it sure looks like it. ;)
Wahoo!!!!! I am now following this great blog! I have a shirt like this and didn't know H&M declined it in dress too!!! I love it!!

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