Dress nr. 22

wow, such an old dress, maybe like 3-4 years old, bought at H&M, remember seeing it on display and I fell in love with it and just had to have it, I wanted it so bad I squeezed myself into a size US 8. it's really tight on me now, esp. around the breast area. But it's fine! also it's like really see through...but that's only hot. :P
Old picture if you want to see :) click here.
(such a teenager here and a couple of kilos lighter.lol)

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Stiletto Siren said…
Make it work girl! Love it!
Weesha said…
You've got gorgeous hair y'know? and yep, you look really hot- love the dress with the leggings <3
BBM said…
8 bucks?!? SCORE! love this pretty girl and pretty hair ... lol.
L said…
I agree with all of the above ^^...you = FAB! <<33
Gazel M. said…
You're soooo cute. <3. Pretty hair.
Franceta said…
The dress is worth not being able to breathe ahaha! You look SUPER young in that first picture, you have only gotten more beautiful over time :) You look adorable, love the little brown heels with it!

I'm joining in on the fun, starting the challenge tomorrow, Lets hope I can do half as well as you! ;)

- Franceta ♥
Unknown said…
Look at you! Such a baby face! I love this dress and I would squeeze myself into anything that cute! lol
Kristel Knows said…
:D thanks guys! <3

BBM, lol not 8 bucks, SIZE 8 haha. :P
Sarah said…
lol, i think size 8 is actually more impressive.
My breasts would laugh at me if I attempted to try on a size 8 (yes, they laugh on occasion)
You look great as usual. Love the print. This challenge was a wonderful idea, thanks for including me :)

Ola Dipo said…
iinitially thought the dress was polka dotted which i love, then i saw the close up which i love even more. you look great. maybe i'll do the dress challenge. that'll be fun.
Jan said…
Love this dress, I look forward to u'r posts cos I simply adore dresses, I am def going to do aa 27 dress's post on my blog.

Kristel Knows said…
xoxo, thank you!!! :)
Jan & That fat-shionista's wardrobe: YES! do the challenge, it's super fun, if you do let me know ok :D

princess: HAHA! you're funny. Thanks, I'm happy to have you included :D

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