Dress nr. 24

Just realized I'll be doing my 27 dresses challenge FINALE in LONDON!!!!!
After that I'm gonna have a pants party, literally! Maybe do a "7 day pants party"?
(don't have many pants, but...I'll be sure to get the harem pants from H&M I want so bad.)
This is my favorite MAXI dress from H&M, now I own two. Both black but what I like about this one is the zipper detail on the back, the long sleeves and the tiny shoulder pads. Also wore my new bold ring from H&M and vintage flats from DON DONNA, bought on Swedish eBay, super cute, love the colorfulness!

Hope you've all had a fabulous Sunday!

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Sarah said…
smashing as usual. I love that first picture of you, you look so stunning.

Weesha said…
I love this dress too, it's quite effortless and chic. no? seriously pretty <3
StephanieDJL said…
Someone else who looks fab in a maxi, I'm jealous! May have a sneaky look in H&M to see if they have any
Stiletto Siren said…
Chic dahling!
Sarah said…
Mmm love that dress - you look fab! I have an ASOS black maxi with giant shoulderpads I'm loving!

- Sarah

OB said…
your such a doll! <3

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