Dress nr. 27 (FINALE)

Dress - H&M, Black leggings, Black suede biker jacket, Bag - Vintage, Black Sandals - New Look.
Voila! Wore my beloved colorful dress from H&M's Garden Collection.
It was perfect to wear for that sunny and hot day, it's so light and flowy, colorful and summery, it def. did draw some attention! So the challenge is over, woho! I made it...so did http://simplestformofanelle.blogspot.com/ & http://thepaleandpallorprincess.blogspot.com/, good job girls, you did so well and I'm so happy you did the challenge! (Banners awaiting, stay tuned.)
DAY 2 & 3

Started the day with a big cup of coffee and Starbucks, at Spitalfields market.

Dinner at Browns and lunch somewhere else.

Walking around Canary Wharf.

Canary wharf tower.

We bought ourselves new cute sandals at New Look, my feet could finally breath and my toes could rest, they were hurting badly.

If I'm not blogging tomorrow, my sister killed me for posting this picture.

Cozy lunch in a small park.

Shopping mode ON

My brothers amazing few from his apartment window.


L said…
I really love that dress! You looked gorgeous, as always! All of you look good :)
L said…
P.S. Congratulations on completing the challenge you did amazing!
Unknown said…
I love London, we're going back for Vacation there in about three weeks. I live in Germany (:

AND congrats on the challenge, you are so gorgeous girl.
Gazel M. said…
You all look great!
Aghhh. I don't have an H&M here and that dress you're wearing I've wanted since the press release of the H&M collection. :\ It's like $100 on eBay!

Beautiful. How does it fit?
OB said…
OMG look at that dress girl you look hot I love love the colors!! These pictures are amazing I love them!! <333
Maria said…
SER UT SOM EN SUPERDUPERRESA!!!!! HAhaha love love lööve the pictures.... fingret? What the hell?
Miss you
Kristel Knows said…
Maria: I know ahahaha, Jessica det token.

Thanks for all your sweet comments, I had a blast! :D
jessica said…
snygg syster! langa hennes nummer
GFS said…
That dress is awesome! I wish we had H&M in Houston!!! ugh!!!

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