Eurovision laughs.

Songs I lol:ed a bit at...
as I am European, I can't resist but to do some sort of post about the Eurovision song contest.
HAHA! *deep breath* middle aged hip man, the dancers "WOOOHH!!", the national Greece rhythms mixed with dance floor beats, and the synthesizer? LOL. However, I wouldn't mind dancing with a hot Greek to this song, just sayin'.
Kudos for good voice, but the hair? do I need to say more? well, he does have beautiful teeth, almost too beautiful. hm.

OH MY Lordy, wasn't ready for that! crouch humping in my face. LOL, well, I gotta give it to him, he does know how to swing that ass. I can def. see myself go nuts to this song on the dance floor with friends, I'm gonna dance exactly like they do at 1:20 into the song, watch me!! ;) PUT YOUR HANDS UP! PUT YOUR HANDS UP! CLAP YOUR HANDS, CLAP YOUR HANDS! Thank you France for this.

LOL at the stage invader at 1:10 min into the video. Oooooufh, he's in trouble now.
Oh my, Spanish...I can listen to this song over and over again, it's so hot! aaah, algo pequeñito!!

Congrats to Germany for the victory, and no comments about the Swedish entry...


Marian said…
i'm Spanish and i think Spain should stop doing this Eurovision thing because every year is more embarrasing what they do. LOL
Katrin said…
As I am German I say thank you for the congrats *hahahaha*
I actually not follow this, but I saw some of the entries...some where quite nice other just...shitty xD
No hemos estado mal en España, no hemos ganado, pero al menos nos hemos hecho escuchar, y nunca mejor dicho! OOOOLEE por este chico y por saber guardar la compostura en tan mal momento.

Kisses and kisses...
Carla said…
I first thought that guy was part of the spanish show!!
so funny lol

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