Fashion inspiration

Some lovely bloggers I've been really inspired by lately...

Colorful, stylish, chic and casual. Love how she puts together her outfits of the day!!
Just found her blog today and I'm sold. Love the simple black outfits with nice accessories, and the killer tattoos on her arm!
Oh so simple yet chic, all the outfits she put together is something I always can imagine myself wearing, and that's cool!
She takes gorgeous pictures, they always give me the vintage feeling, her outfits are doll like and super pretty! Her photos gives me ideas and inspiration.
Weesha with the nice skin color and wild hair, so jealous :P Like every outfit she puts together, I get to see such a mix of colors, patterns and styles, that I can never wait to see her next post.
She never fails!!! :) Wish I could dress and be as stylish has her.


I totally agree for the one I knew and thanks for the new links!!
Ontheqtrain said…
Aww thank you so much Jennifer, but you're an inspiration too. I really appreciate the love girl <3
Weesha said…
oh Jennifer, you totally inspire me too! I actually picked up floral leggings today just because of you- probably would have never even considered it otherwise! You're definitely one of my favourite bloggers so your compliments mean heaps to me <3
Anonymous said…
i love 2, 3, 5 and 6 as well! i will have to check out the other ladies too :)
Unknown said…
I have to admit... you picked the right group... they are all a serious form of inspiration. Sweet range of fashion...
S.Nicole said…
They are truly inspiring & so are you. Love the blog!
Gabi said…
Aww! thx for the feature! I love that you can see yourself in my clothes..I feel the same way with your clothes LOL :) Love ya Jen!
Hi! I have to say I love your blog! Din stil er kjempefin, personlig og trendy :)

This was a great post, very inspirational :)

Putting you on my blogroll!
Would love for you to check out my blog :)

xoxo Anika
kittehinfurs said…
omg thank you! you are one of my favourite bloggers and i always love your style, so it's awesome to know that you find mine inspiring too! :)

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