In my bag!

Harem pants 99 SEK, Swimsuit 99 SEK

Top 49 SEK, Dresses 99 SEK

Dresses 49 SEK
H&M has gotten some new pieces in at their web-shop.
These are currently in my bag, snatched them as soon as possible! :) cause the things you really want always gets sold out...hate when that happens you know?
Order is not gonna arrive until sometime in June, so I'll think about it and see what I'll really keep.
I'm really loving them harm pants though for only 99 SEK!! and the swimsuit...even though it's hard getting a nice tan with a swimsuit, I still really like this one!


L said…
I really like those harem pants, and the dresses are divine! Great picks my love :) <3
Stiletto Siren said…
Those harem pants are lovely! I really want some that are more comfortable then mine from Fashion Bug, but alas the only H&M is 9 hours away!
Unknown said…
Hi Jennifer,

My name is KC Cardona, I am working for a leading fashion forecasting service based in Manhattan. I'm conducting research and writing a "Digital Muse" piece that caters to plus size women. I would like to feature your blog, along with 6-7 other plus-size fashion bloggers. Please provide 5-6 high resolution images (full outfit and around 1 mb) from your blog to ensure that we can represent your work well and a 2-3 sentence bio with your full name, educational/professional background, inspirations, aspirations, etc.

Thank you,

KC Cardona
Gazel M. said…
Wow. I wish H&M had a shop online for Canada. ajskdjf.

I got my Harem pants for $5 CAD here! Is it about equivalent?!
StephanieDJL said…
You always make me jealous with these H&M things! I can't wait 'til we get an online shop, they told me it was coming in autumn woooop! :D

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