In search of summer pt.1

Okay, Oh my god, I laughed so hard to these pictures, but I just had to post them anyway, Hey! I'm searching for summer, so...what can I do. In the summer I'm extra happy. (View on larger scale at own risk, don't say I haven't warned you.)

Starting to wear less layers, love it and you can start working on your summer glow (read:tan).

*white ghost*

MMmm, lilac bush...they smell so frikkin' wonderful! They have started to bloom all around the backyard, they are gonna be so beautiful when they grow big. Can't wait.


zökö said…
heyy, i just find your blog, and first i was like "WOOOOW so nice!" :D I really like your style :)
Sarah said…
Mwa ha ha. Canada has stolen summer. Right now it's warmer here then Hawaii and L.A.
lol, actually it's a little too warm, you can have some of it back.
Cute pictures. I love Lilacs too.
OB said…
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwe I LOVE LOVE LOVE it and I'm so glad you are doing this project too, your photos are always so amazing! ILOVE YOU doll face :)
Gazel M. said…
It's hot in Canada right now! You look beautiful. Summer is when I'm at my happiest.
Stiletto Siren said…
Its pouring down rain here in Boise, now chance to work on the glow, not that I wouldn't just end up burnt to a crisp anyways. I love that you had fun with these shots!
Weesha said…
thank you so much- I'm glad you like the new layout! I LOVE the leggings- you have an awesome collection of leggings <3 pictures are super super cute! it's summer here but like murderous summer- makes dressing up really difficult :(
Unknown said…
I smell soooooo much Lilac when I go on walks around the city...mMmm that's how I know it's summer!

You're so cute and you look like you are really truly excited!
Gabi said…
Great photo shoot! I love how the colors just pop:) You have the best nylons! I'm so jealous! Good luck on your trip to NYC!
Miss Case said…
These photos are adorable! You make me excited for summer too! Except my summer glow will be a major sunburn instead of a tan haha
Anyway, gorgeous dress and LOVE those tights!!!
Ohmanitslisa said…
I love that scarf that I see appear on this blog from time to time :) . You look just radiant in all of these photos. I don't need to begin to explain the joy I have for the coming summer. Hah.

Very cute post.
Tonje said…
Hey Jen! you look cute on those photos! we love summer!:)
Feel free to pop by anytime soon!

xoxo T
StephanieDJL said…
lmao I love these pictures! :D
Kristel Knows said…
You're all sweethearts <3 thanks for all your lovely comments. *blush*
Anonymous said…
You look sooo cute in these photos! Love the dress, the hair, everything!!!!!!

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