In search of summer, May 28th

Didn't get a chance to search for summer today, woke up late and went straight to work, got off as it had already gotten dark outside, however...I can't stop thinking about how I'm gonna spend another summer in US. I'm so happy!! it's seriously worth every penny, I don't care that the tickets were expensive, I get to be in Jersey. *dances* With Jason and his family, I get to meet his friends again, maybe get my own this time? hehe. I get to visit New York again, visit some of their kick ass malls. days summer searching is thinking about all the things I want to do in the States this summer, and all the things I get to do and see, just the place I get to be at, and these pictures from last summer really gives me back the memories.

Jay and one of their cats. That cat doesn't like to be held. Boo for that. lol.

New York, New York...

Whats your favorite thing to do in the summer?


Weesha said…
such cute pictures :) I miss running around the garden with the sprinklers on- we used to do that a lot when we were kids, no garden or cooperative friends any more :(

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