Just booked our tickets!

Omg, omg, omg, omg, omg, omg. *dances*
damn it was EXPENSIVE!!!!!!!!! but it's done, we got our tickets, we're flying to US this summer, oh yeah! Jersey here we come, New York City...I will visit you. Forever21 I'll come by shopping a little bit. Be sure! 26th of June, Good bye Sweden! I'll be gone for 2 months. I'm nervous and a bit scared, being away from Friends, Family and work for that long. Wish me luck, I'm going to my second home, where I want to start a new life with Jay. I really hope I can get some new friends and good contacts to help me get started. Shit, I'm nervous! and excited...but right now nervous...*sigh* and stressed, I'm SO broke right now after getting those tickets...jeeeeeeze...damn high season tickets.


yaaaay! Good for you! :) I know you are excited to start a new life. A fresh start is good for the soul. :) Can't wait to hear of your New York and New Jersey adventures!

Lexy of Beautylicious Fashionista
BBM said…
eeeekkkkk!!! the states would be a happier place once u two are here! im so excited for u girl!
OB said…
omg soooooo excited for you, much come to Cali, I want to go shopping with YOU!!! And I know you will do great things here ;) yay!

ps I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVe your buttons so cute!! love them, we are SISTER :) <3
Gazel M. said…
I remember when my bf and I were apart and we had to visit each other via plane all the time. Hang tight. I'm so happy you will be seeing your loverboy!

Love your blog, very cool.
Went back several pages and love what I see!
Will be back for more like always.

Hope you can come see mine and maybe even follow :)
yay so as i say with my friends " we outt" lol you will def have to go shoppin cause ur bf luves like 5 minutes away from me. lol i swear what are the odds???
Kristel Knows said…
yay, thanks everyone, really need the support, I'm feeling a bit nervous, like I said :) Wee, can't wait tho at the same time...It's gonna be so nice to get some time off.

Cesilia: For real? :D yay, that's great! we have to meet up!! and go shooopping! :D and stuff.
Carla said…
right? tickets are freaking expensive this year!! I booked mine to the US yesterday and spent a fortune lol
love ur blog btw
Kristel Knows said…
Carla: I KNOW!!! it's insane! :) well, happy we're going anyway. yay, thank you so much <3

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