Like a child at Christmas

Bought one in silver and in gold....oufh, so pretty!


surprisingly this is one of my favorite piece from the order, a long sleeve, light shirt, maybe you could call it blouse? anyway, with cool zebra like patterns and nice details on the front. From the Fashion against aids collection. I tend to fall in love with unique and bold pieces, this one takes the price!
There was a lot of clothes I wasn't sure I wanted, but H&M just went ahead and sent it anyway, was only expecting half of what I got, thanks you so much H&M for the fat bill, lol, oh well...I'm sending back almost half of it, white shorts that were see through and some harem pants that looks like I shit in my pants....*sigh*
I might do a review maybe of the clothes later? Should I?
The fashion against aids collection review? :)


Gazel M. said…
Ahhh! Do show!
So jealous you can order online... when you move to the US you can't do that anymore hahha. ;p
Stiletto Siren said…
Yes you must show us!
A review would be awesome! I love the ring
Kristel Knows said…
Ok, i'll do one :)
Gazel: I knoooow! :( that will suck, however, maybe then I get to shop online at other cool US store? :D

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