Massive earrings & long chains

H&M just got these accessories up on their web-shop. I snatched them right away.
...and many other things, they have also put up lots of nice summer wear, I've gotten my hands on some, shorts, dresses, harem pants, Mouhahaha...H&M kicks ass! we'll see what I'll keep or put away, that's the best about H&M, you can decide to get everything sent to you in the same package. so if it's gonna be a while, you'll have plenty of time to re-arrange your shopping bag.
*thumbs up*


Sarah said…
OMG, love those earrings!!!!
The necklace is pretty fantabulas too.
Em said…
That necklace is some kind of amazing. It makes me want to go to H&M and see. Wow. x.
Stiletto Siren said…
Love those earrings!
Philly B said…
Just a question, Is there a place other than H&M where I could get a chain Necklace like that? We don't have an H&M in Miami, and I'm wondering if there are any online stores or anything like that where I can get such a dramatic necklace.
Sarah Whitney said…
Those chain earrings are amazingggg. H&M can do no wrong, seriously!
Kristel Knows said…
Phasionista: Im sorry but I'm not quite sure where :(

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