To shop or not to shop?!

ASOS CURVE Exclusive Indigo Skinny Jean SEK115.39, ASOS Statement Faceted Claw-Set Metallic Stone Ring SEK46.15

ASOS Fairtrade Cotton Animal Print Top SEK46.15, ASOS Bright Button-Through Empire Smock Dress SEK115.39

ASOS Printed Shirred Waist Dress SEK92.31, ASOS CURVE Black Skinny Jean SEK115.39

Last night after coming home from work I felt the urge to visit ASOS' website, hadn't done that in a while, and never did I know they had an awesome sale, wtf, how can I have missed that, I am the QUEEN of bargain shopping!! :P So, with a smile on my face I found SO many thing that I want. For example some nice pants from ASOS Curve, some cute dresses and a top and a nice statement ring. Okay, I have a reason to getting all of these pieces, but at the same time...I'm forcing myself to make a wise decision, DO I REALLY NEED THESE THINGS? like...really?
Well, pants are always good to have, and these are from the Cruve line, so they should fit like a glove, perfectly, and after the 27 dresses challenge there's gonna be a pants party ;) (and I don't have many pants.) And the dresses, are just cheap and I love the print and I can just see myself wear them this summer, I can just see the whole outfit with this dress in my head. (do you do that too when you go shopping? it's dangerous :P) and that top is gonna go really good together with my harem and chinos.
*happy face*
is it a waste?

I'm going to London soon, should I save my money?
I can not decide, it's driving me nuts.


Katrin said…
I have that too, when I see the outfit in my head, there is nothing I can do against buying it! I just feel like don't survive and everything else I own doesn't look that good xD
I also think about the skinny jeans, they look kind of cute, but I never ordered jeans online and I am a bit scared they won't fit the way I want them to. I had that with jeggins from evans which where much to wide/big so I am unsure aboout the sizing.... If I had the money I would buy them.,..and some of the ASOS Curve dresses...*sigh*
Gazel M. said…
If you think you're not just going to let it rot in your wardrobe I don't see why not. They're cute pieces!
Sarah Whitney said…
I love that animal print top! I say buy whatever you feel you need but save most of your money for your trip and pick up some really cool unique pieces there.
Kristel Knows said…
Yeah, true, thanks guys! I think I'll buy the pants, cause that is something i don't have much of, and if it doesn't fit, i can give them away or sell online maybe, idk :) I just really need pants and the price is good, as well for the animal print top!! so cheap and so COOL! :D

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