"You look like a pilgrim"

...lol, that is what Jay told me, he always has something stupid to say about my outfits. :P love you still.
Anyway...well, as I was taking pictures to day, I forgot to tell you, I ripped my fabulous stockings! Grr, I was so angry with myself, cause I was pulling them up all the time, and then my nail just ripped the edge and then it ripped all the way down to bellow my knee...*sigh* BUT do not fear...cause I have the perfect solution, since the rip doesn't really show (however is annoying) you can easily prevent it from ripping even more, just grab your hairspray and spray the rip so it sticks where it is, or add some transparent nail polish at the end of the rip. Voilá!
maybe some already knows this, but...I don't know...(*^_^*)


= saved fab. stockings
Do you have any good fashion tips for misfortunes like these? Do share? :)


Gazel M. said…
Nice tip!
I have no tips for me though. I use a tide cleaning pen when I splash some soup that stains (most) of my white clothes. Works like a charm.
Gabi said…
Yeah I do the same thing! Works like a charm:)
Natalie Mulford said…
Ohh! I love those stockings! They are amazing! I'll have to try and remember the nail polish/hair spray tip!
Sarah said…
Yay for saving the stockings! I rip so many of mine. I've gotten better at putting them on, but when I first started, I'd rip them 50% off the time when putting them on. Fortunately I usually wear some variation of fishnets and the holes don't really spread. Quite often when you see me wearing stockings in my pictures there's a large hole on the thigh or somewhere.
lol, I don't know where he gets Pilgrim from, you're the most fab looking Pilgrim I've ever seen.

Stiletto Siren said…
Always carry clear nailpolish it is a lifesaver!
Anonymous said…
You're so funny! Very clever too!

Love those leggings! Envious about all your new stuff. I don't have many places to shop in Singapore and I hardly buy anything new
melina bee said…
a tip to help PREVENT rips: spray the hosiery with hairspray PRIOR to wearing them. I used to have very ragged nails, was fairly awkward etc. so rips were a constant torture for me (since I also love fabulous hosiery). The one problem is that the smell is obv. not the best. I would love to see a more eco-friendly version of this solution... corn starch maybe?
What type of pilgrim exactly wears sexy stockings with a whimsical and psychedelic print exactly? Like a style pilgrim to the land of fun maybe?
Lodimat said…

such a great dress and such a great combination with these stockings! lOVE It!
kittehinfurs said…
omg that dress!! awesome.
Jan said…
I once sat on Bubblegum, I was wearing a black dress and scrapped most of it off but then there was a white stain there I took a black felt tip and coloured it up. If I didn't know better I'd swear it wasn't there

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