Benadryl knocked me out

Something you normally wouldn’t wear. (check!)

Got these pattern harem pants the day before I left Sweden and decided to bring them with me even though I didn't get the chance to give them much thought or fitting. Colorful pattern harem pants is something that I normally would NEVER wear, cause of my size. However I love the print and colors, the fit is alright, not sure about the top, but I've added a thin waist belt now to give the outfit some shape.
I've slept more then 12 hours today?! I'm a bit sick...caughing and such. So I took 2 pills of Benadryl last night and got knocked out at 8 pm (never gone to sleep that early in a loooong time!), still feeling a bit beat, lol, but I just desperately wanna get well!
Take care everyone!


Unknown said…
I hope you feel better! It's probably jet lag and the the long flight doesn't help. I hope you have fun on your holiday!! Love the pants!
Unknown said…
Awe, feel better honey!!!

Love the pants and how you wear them so bravely! Embrace it hun!!! <3
Hope you`re feeling better and ready to enjoy your time over there! I love the pants, and totally think you pull them off! and can I just say, you really are a beauty. <3
Weesha said…
Dude, these pants are ridiculous!! I'm so in love with them!! and you styled them perfect ofcourse, simple is a good way to go since they're so colourful. I hope you feel better soon, rest well 'cuz you should be havin' fun - can't wait to see pics <3
Kristel Knows said…
thank you! I'm really gonna try my best, lol, really wanna get well :) I wanna have the energy to make fun trips, maybe NYC soon. :D can't wait.

xoxoxo you're all so sweet.
Sara Bow said…
You look so pretty =)

Great outfit

Sarah Whitney said…
Love how you took a chance and wore something you normally wouldn't. Lookin lovely as usual! <3
Alissa said…
Work it! I love the print on those harem pants. You look so cute.
BUTTERFLY RING! Oh my, so so precious! xo
OMG WHERE DID YOU FIND THOSE PANTS?! They are F-ING AMAZING! I would wear them all the time, so that wouldn't work for my "something I wouldn't normally wear" LOL Fabulous!

- Sarah
Anonymous said…
love the pants!
diy-ing to know said…
ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh wow!
where did you get those pants
im going to need a similar pair

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