Boring but fun at the same time...

I feel so boring for not updating the blog with "fun" stuff, OOTD's etc etc. I've been working AND cleaning AND packing...with some help from dear friends I'm as good as done with the cleaning now, only the easy parts left. Thank you so much!! BUT I still have to pack for 2 months. Jesus! I'll be gone for 2 months, and I'm supposed to limit down my wardrobe to one suitcase!? Gah! Try to be smart now Jennifer, mix, match and combine! right? Wish me luck!
The blog might be somewhat quite now until I arrive in the US, but do not fear...I will be back ;)
Can't wait to go on vacation!

love you all.


The good thing is, it will be HOT so you can pack light things. :) Have fun choosing what you will take. I know you are excited to go on vacay!!

Unknown said…
those picture are so cute!
dc said…
have a nice trip!
Mode Junkie said…
have a safe and nice vacation! ;)
i will never ever manage to pack one suitcase for two months. i had three suitcases for a two week vacation, go figure. LOL

xoxo Mode Junkie
Anonymous said…
Have a great time! BTW, those picture are adorable!!!
Anonymous said…

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