Buon appetito!

One thing I really like about the neighbourhood of Hasbrouck hts are all the local restaurants, you got pretty much everything between Chinese food to Italian, various diners and kitchens, spanish food...you name it. Last night me and Jay had an absoluely DELICIOUS (seriously...genuine) Italian 3 course dinner at an restaurant near by.

NOW that's cheese.


close up of an garlic knot. Tasty.

In Sweden going to a nice/cozy restuarant where you get served it cost a lot, a lot of money. Here, we had our delicious 3 course Italian dinner for (only) 16$. (130 SEK) You Swedes know that's amazingly cheap right, at home it would cost more then twice as much?!
You gotta love it, to treat yourself out every once and a while.


Ola Dipo said…
those plates looked yummy. i looove cheese...you looked great. i thought the shirt was super cute!
carly said…
yum. looks sooo good.
Unknown said…
The food looks good. I love garlic knots!

kittehinfurs said…
you are making me hungry! :D
we Norwegians know it too! have a vegetarian lasagna for me would you? love your outfit, and glad to see that you two lovebirds are enjoying yourselves! :D

xxx Anika
Gazel M. said…
Love the outfit!

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