Cheer you up!

The waiter wanted to check my ID?! Ah, I guess I could be mistaken for being 5 years younger. :P nah...

"working all day/puffy face."

Today after a quite emotional day I talked my little sister into taking the bus in to the city to spend some time with me, a family member never fails to cheer you up! Especially my sister cause she's so cute, funny and silly. We had a seriously delicious dinner at a cozy little café/restaurant around the corner from where I live, WHY haven't I gone there earlier, I'm leaving for US in less then one week!! omg omg much that needs to be done, so little time. (I wish i could stop time!)
Outfit pics coming up tomorrow of my "new denim jacket", stay tuned.


Gazel M. said…
You and your sister are so cute.
Stiletto Siren said…
Too cute! Love it! I got carded for an R rated movie last year... yeah.
J-Jones said…
You guys look very pretty... and your food looks delicious!
I get asked for ID everywhere! So annoying. You and your sister are beautiful. xo
Looks like you had a fab time with your pretty sis, the pair of you are knockouts! :) I`m hanging out with my fab sis today:) stay fab hon and say hi to your sis :)

kittehinfurs said…
greeeens! i love :)
also did i ever mention that your topknot is the cutest?
OB said…
awe these are so fun, great photos

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