This was my FAVORITE dress!

can't but to love the shades
Visited my grandmother yesterday for some "fika" (Swedish for having coffee and cookie, hand hanging out.) We celebrated my birthday a bit, I got some nice B'day cards and presents, for example a really beautiful ring from my dad and his girlfriend, THANK YOU! how thoughtful, they have noticed my passion for rings. haha! Looked through my grandmothers old photo albums, to my joy!! lots of awesome photos of me I've never seen, I got some style as a kid, thank you mom for styling me and inspiring me, so cute!!!
What was your favorite piece of clothing when you were a child?


OMG how totally cute! You were a fashionista even as a kid, love it! :D my fave outfit as a kid was dresses and heels, just like today ;)

xx Anika
dc said…
You were so sweat! Particularly love the third one(ALREADY A STAR!)
Weesha said…
these are soooooo cute! you were such a doll and still are <3 oh and I thought of you yesterday cuz this new pizza place I checked out was owned by a Swedish couple and they had the flags everywhere and were speaking the language, I was just like huh so THAT's what Jennifer's accent must sound like! haha
Kristel Knows said…
(*^_^*) thank you!
Unknown said…
Soooooo cute! Love the bangs!!
I love tha last photo :)

You were such a stylish kid! I used to wear floral dresses all of the time too. xo

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