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Alrighty, as promised, I've just the other day reached 100 followers, Thank you to everyone for following, I'm so excited you like my blog! *heart*
I'll be giving away these 2 dresses from Ellos.se. One blue and one peachy colored as you can see, you can click the image to see the dresses and it's pattern more closely. It's a perfect summer/beach dress and it should fit all sizes well, as it's stretchy around the bust and has a lot of give. :D
I'm currently holding on to these in sizes EU 42 up to size 50. So the winners can chose their size.

To enter the give away you must:
1. Leave a comment on this post with name and e mail adress.
2. Be a follower of my blog through "Google friend connect."
To earn an additional entry you can write about this Give away on your blog. (if you do be sure to let me know ;))

Last date to enter is 14th of June, Winners will be announced shortly the day after.



hello lovely said…
i love these, especially the blue one!


my name is AB and you can see my blgo at: http://hellolovely14.blogspot.com

thanks for having this give away! it's always exciting to see who wins!
L & V said…
name: Linda
email: l.praseuth@yahoo.com
yay! cute dresses
Congrats on 100 (well 104) followers girlie!!!!!! :) ♥
Miss Haleluia said…
name: hala
email: halahallal@yahoo.de

great,great,great! (;
Odeliaa said…
Love it
I am Odelia - odel76@gmail.com
and i am a follower :-)
Malou said…
Count me in ;o)

My name is Marie and my email is: min-malou@hotmail.com
Ulrika said…
ooh,lovely dresses! Count me in please! :)


Marian said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rikke said…
Nice, thanks Jen. Here's to hoping I'll get lucky :P

My name is Rikke and my email is stickysweetdanish@gmail.com

- I'm writing a post about your giveaway as I'm typing this!
carly said…

cute dresses :)
L & V said…
oh yea.. I posted about your giveaway also!
Anonymous said…
These are so pretty! captainhammond at gmail dot com
It might show up as captain dot hammond at gmail dot com too, depends.
Devon xx
put up one of your blog buttons :)

xx Anika
Miss Case said…
love these dresses! so pretty! congrats on getting 100 followers!

oh, and by the way:

Gabi said…
Fab giveaway! Enter me:) I'm of course a follower!
xladx said…
amazing giveaway!!! I would love to be entered, I am also a follower :)

Katherine said…
Wow, beautiful dresses! <3

name: Katri
e-mail: ha-tsu@hotmail.com

And yes, I am a follower! <3
Weesha said…
LuAnne, gasolined_dreamz@hotmail.com

You know I follow/ love you!
Katherine said…
Btw, I blogged about your beautiful giveaway;

Katri, ha-tsu@hotmail.com

xo - Kat
OB said…
yay my favorite DRESSES!!

I'm a follower and blog sister :)

love ya
Oh so cute!!!!
Following: done!

Contact: lespitreriesdevanoue@gmail.com
Laura said…
Love your blog!
lauz89@ntlworld.com xxx
Unknown said…
Cute!! Of course I'm a follower! :)
Anna said…
Of course I'm a follower and here's my contact info:


I hope I win!
Name: Alejandra M.C.
Mail: alejandra_rocks@live.com.mx

But i´m from méxico.

Carlin said…
those are so cute!

My name is Carlin and my email is walkingmullet@aol.com

NooranElämää said…
Enter me.

I love your blog! :)

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