Fabulous finds!

From H&M's Summer sale! lovin' the sales. *heart* bought this denim jacket, however it's not really denim but almost like cotton, really comfortable and stretchy, and I can close the jacket, something I barely "never ever" can do because of my size, so lovin' this one for only 150 SEK.
Also bought this dark blue long top for 75 SEK at Divided.

So happy this week is over, less then 7 days until I fly to the US, I'm so excited but stressed, I need to move out, pack and clean out the apartment, AND work Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday and Friday before I leave. Help!

Hope you all had a wonderful Sunday


carly said…
Another great look. im digging that jacket.
Sarah Whitney said…
That jacket is fab, what a great find. Hell, the whole outfit is fab! Keep it up girl!
Unknown said…
Love your style! I`m Goin to follow your blog!
Gazel M. said…
Double denim gone right.
Stiletto Siren said…
Too cute! Love the double denim you are pullin off!
You look fab, love you in short, tight dresses! :D I went to the sale at H&M today too, don`t want to be cured from my shopolic tendencies ;)

good luck with everything, are u moving to the states?

puss puss :)

xxx Anika
OB said…
you look gorgeous!!!!!!

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