In search of summer, June 3rd

The colors of summer are amazing.
Woke up a bit earlier then usual today, and took some time to actually really go outside and sit down, read HUNGRY by Crystal Renn and feel the sun heat on my skin. For about one hour and then this huge nasty :P cloud came, damn you cloud, I wanted to work on my tan. Grr. Oh well... I could still enjoy the weather and go for a little walk and take some colorful photos. :) Love summer, I'd rather sweat then freeze, meaning I prefer Summer over winter HAHA, what do you?


S said…
I love those shoes! Your pictures are so vivid...gorgeous.

S x
Beautiful colors! I love how colorful your pictures always are! The cloud picture is lovely.xo
Anonymous said…
i actually love all the seasons... but i do wish summer was longer, and winter was maybe only a month long, haha :)
You right i love the summer too!! I`m your new follower!!!

Kisses from mèxico.

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